[Swiftwater Gazette] spotted owl being poisoned by California marijuana

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Thu Jan 11 18:38:00 EST 2018

Northernspotted owl being poisoned by California’s illegal marijuana growers

Potsmokers, beware: The northern spotted owl, the bird that brought down the Pacific Northwest timber industry, is circling California’snewly legalized marijuana market.
Astudy led by University of California Davis researchers and released Thursday found that two owl species—the northern spotted owl andbarred owl—are being exposed to high levels of rat poison fromillegal marijuana grows in northern California.
Theproblem is expected intensify in the wake of California’sProposition 64, passed in 2016, which legalized recreation marijuanafor adults 21 and over and went into effect Jan. 1.
“Proposition64, which legalizes recreational marijuana in the state, took effectthis month,” said the UC Davis press release. “With its arrival,resource managers expect the number and size of unpermitted, privatecultivation sites to grow, which could exacerbate the problem.”
Thestudy, published in the journal Avian Conservation and Ecology, found that “seven of the 10 northern spotted owls collected testedpositive for rat poison, while 40 percent of 84 barred owls collectedalso tested positive for the poison.”
TheFish and Wildlife Service, which funded the study, listed thenorthern spotted owl as threatened in 1990, which led to millions ofacres of federal forest being cordoned off from logging inWashington, Oregon and northern California.

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