[Swiftwater Gazette] very illustrative example of Marxist using media

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Sun Jan 7 13:09:49 EST 2018

“WolffTouts Book ‘Will Finally Bring Down…This Presidency"

Inan interview with BBC Radio on Saturday, Michael Wolff, the author ofthe dubiously sourced gossip book targeting President Trump, boasted to host Nick Robinson that “the story” that he told, “willfinally end...this presidency” once and for all.
“It’struly chilling that Wolff thinks that his book “will finally end... this presidency” especially when hehas admitted that he doesn’t know if all the claims made in thebook were actually true. But truth doesn’t matter to the liberalmedia when the goal is to attack and discredit this President.”
MSNBC:Even If ‘Not All’ of Trump Book IsTrue, ‘the Spirit Is’ Accurate.


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