[Swiftwater Gazette] Understanding the Swamp

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[Paraphrases and words from many sources]
Whentrying to understand the conflict and rhetoric of politics remember acentral tenet of Marxism [call it Socialism or Progressivism or anyof its other labels], requires central control of many by an elitefew.
Historicallyone of the tools was terror used as a weapon against a class that, despite being doomed to destruction, does not wish to perish.
Oneof the tools developed by the Chicago Marxist was to create chaosthough class conflict through the media. A tool to destroy the existing society so asto make the masses demand Socialism.
Alinskyiteshave run into a roadblock in an individual that they have yet to destroy. They have thrown every thing at Trump yet he is stillthere.
MediaMatters is engaged in "Alinskyite" plots that seek to"destroy" Trump, his family, Fox News, Christianity, andthe Founding Fathers.
Yet,he still stands.

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