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TheLong Game: Bannon Creates Political Coalition to Advance PopulistEconomic Nationalist Agenda and Smash the Establishment
SteveBannon has teamed up with conservative donors Robert and RebekahMercer to promote insurgent candidates to challenge the GOPestablishment and create an organizational apparatus to advance thepopulist and economic nationalist policies championed by thosecandidates.
Theobstacles Mr. Bannon and the Mercers face are formidable: thewell-funded resistance of mainstream Republicans; a shortage ofviable anti-establishment candidates like Roy Moore.
Bannonsingled out what he called the lack of “a deep bench” of polishedcandidates who could carry the “America First” banner into battlein Republican primaries against establishment favorites aseffectively as Mr. Moore, who did not need any outside help to defeatLuther Strange.
Afterthe Alabama primary, Mr. Bannon flew to Colorado Springs to recruitdonors and candidates at a conference of conservatives.
“We’llsee,” said Steven Law, the president of the Senate Leadership Fund,which backs establishment Republicans and spent more than $10 millionin the Alabama race in support of Mr. Strange, whose campaign andallies drastically outspent Mr. Moore’s supporters.
WhileMr. Bannon “has made a lot of noise about attracting capital fromthe Mercers,” Mr. Law said, “as we’ve seen ourselves, money alone is not the dispositive factor.”
Ms.Mercer soon began expressing dissatisfaction with the network’s strategy and leadership, and the family began striking out on its own politically.
Mercersstarted a small-government advocacy group with Mr. Bannon calledReclaim New York that in some ways mimicked the Kochs’ lead group,Americans for Prosperity. 
AfterMr. Trump’s victory, Ms. Mercer joined his transition team and thepro-Trump nonprofit group America First Policies, but she clashed with the group’s operatives and left it to create her own nonprofit group called Making America Great.
“Wewant to be supportive of Trump, and we believe the agenda he ran onwas correct,” said Chris Buskirk, the publisher of the online journal American Greatness, who has been recruited to help articulate and defend the policy positions espoused by the coalition.“We want to be supportive of Trump, and we believe the agenda he ran on was correct,” said Chris Buskirk, the publisher of the online journalAmerican Greatness, who has been recruited to help articulate anddefend the policy positions espoused by the coalition.
“Ourefforts are about replacing the G.O.P. Establishment,”
Aversion of this article appears in print on September 29, 2017, on Page A1 of the New York Times with the headline: In Alabama Win, Model of New Bannon Alliance. 

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