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The following are excerpts from a posting by Daniel Greenfield.  It is a great read in its totality.  
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TheDolchstosslegende is as ubiquitous as it is destructive. It isseductive because it tells us the lie that we most wish to believe inour darkest hour. By Daniel Greenfield
Convincedof their natural superiority, members of the Master Party believedthat their subjective contempt for Republicans in general and Trumpspecifically was an objective truth. It wasn’t that they despisedconservatives. No, conservatives were inherently despicable. AndTrump was so despicable and so absurd that he just had to lose. Itwas inconceivable that he couldn’t have lost. So he had lost.
TheDemocrat Dolchstosslegende arose from the ranks of Hillary’s campaign leaders. It’s those in charge of the losing team who havethe most incentive to blame anyone and everyone else. The Nazisblamed a long list of people including the Jews. The Democrats blamedeveryone from the FBI to the Russians.
Themyths of the undefeated Germany and the undefeated Democrats wererooted in a false conviction of superiority. A populace glutted on anendless diet of propaganda found it inconceivable that they had lost.
Democratsbegan licking the propaganda out of their media sewer twice as hard.They ate up the lies that they hadn’t lost, the promises that theywould soon reclaim what was rightfully theirs and that everyone whohad conspired against them would soon be punished.
Thenthey turned to street violence and attempted coups… because thoseworked so well in Germany.
Atthe maddest there are the ravings of Twitter experts who promise thatthe intelligence community will shortly be rounding up and executingall the traitors. But even the mainstream media, CNN, the WashingtonPost and the New York Times feed their readers a poisonous glut ofthe Dolchstosslegende.
TheDolchstosslegende is as ubiquitous as it is destructive. It is seductive because it tells us the lie that we most wish to believe inour darkest hour.
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