[Swiftwater Gazette] How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump's presidency

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HowObama is funding the anti-Trump resistance

ByPaul Sperry September 23, 2017 |
WallStreet might be shocked to learn it is helping bankroll the anti-Trump “resistance” movement that’s aggressively fightingpolicies it favors — including corporate tax cuts and the repeal ofObama-era banking and health-care regulations.
TheObama administration’s massive shakedown of Big Banks over the mortgage crisis included unprecedented back-door funding for dozens of Democratic activist groups who were not even victims of thecrisis.
Atleast three liberal nonprofit organizations the Justice Departmentapproved to receive funds from multibillion-dollar mortgagesettlements were instrumental in killing the ObamaCare repeal billand are now lobbying against GOP tax reform, as well as efforts torein in illegal immigration.
Anestimated $640 million has been diverted into what critics say is animproper, if not unconstitutional, “slush fund” fed fromgovernment settlements with JPMorgan Chase and Co., Citigroup Inc.and Bank of America Corp., according to congressional sources.
Thepayola is potentially earmarked for third-party interest groupsapproved by the Justice Department and HUD without requiring anyproof of how the funds will be spent. Many of the recipients so farare radical leftist organizations who solicited the settlement cash from the administration even though they were notparties to the lawsuits, records show.
“Duringthe Obama administration, groups committed to ‘revolutionary socialchange’ sent proposals and met with high-level HUD and JusticeDepartment officials to try to get their pieces of the settlementpie,” Cause of Action Institute vice president Julie Smith told ThePost.
Someof the chosen beneficiaries are now actively militating against theTrump administration and its policies, including:
TheHispanic-rights group strenuously protested the Republican-led“skinny” repeal of the Affordable Care Act after receiving atleast $1.5 million from the Obama regime’s bank settlement funds,congressional researchers say.
Thenotoriously radical organization, which advocates on behalf ofillegal immigrants, argued the Trump proposal would have a “harmfulimpact” on the Hispanic community, including stripping potentially“8 million Latinos” of medical coverage.
“TheLatino community cannot afford a repeal of the ACA,” La Raza warnedits members, while encouraging them to fight the legislation in emailalerts.

InJuly, the group held a large rally to protest the repeal effort inArizona — GOP Sen. John McCain’s home state. The event is said tohave influenced McCain’s decision to cast the deciding vote to killthe proposal.
LaRaza has a long and checkered history of promoting illegalimmigration and advocating for welfare benefits and even driver’slicenses for undocumented Latino immigrants. Currently, it’slobbying (under a new and less controversial name, UnidosUS) againstwhat it calls “the Trump administration’s senseless and Draconiananti-immigrant policies,” fighting specifically GOP bills “tofund [the] immoral border wall” with Mexico.
“PresidentTrump has again chosen to appease the bigots in his base,” La Razaasserted in a statement posted on its website. “It’s time totranslate injustice into action.”
Duringlast year’s presidential campaign, La Raza’s Chicago branch wasamong the groups that deployed thousands of protesters to theUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, forcing then-candidate Trump tocancel a scheduled event there for safety reasons.
LaRaza works closely with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and hasteamed up with theanti-Trump resistance group, Indivisible, whichwas co-founded by La Raza alumnus Angel Padilla. Indivisible isworking with La Raza and its affiliates to make sure “any bill that punishes sanctuary cities never goes to Trump’s desk to becomelaw.” They are encouraging activists to send postcardswith pre-printed messages on immigration and health care to moderateGOP senators.
Afterreceiving at least $1.2 million from the bank-settlement slush fund,the African-American advocacy group solicited its supporters tooppose efforts to repeal ObamaCare by signing a letter to senatorsarguing “African-Americans stand to be disproportionately impacted.” It claimed more than 5 million black people would losecoverage under repeal legislation.
Sincehauling in at least $2.6 million in funds under settlement in theObama-era mortgage suits, the liberal housing-rights group hasslammed tax-reform proposals by the Trump administration as unfair,while trying to block efforts to privatize mortgage giants Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac, claiming doing so would “deepen the racial wealth gap.”
NCRCis also actively lobbying against regulatory repeal of manyprovisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and ConsumerProtection Act.
TheWashington-based group boasts more than 600 member organizations wholobby lawmakers through list-serves, mailings, sign-on letters andconference calls. Though it’s assumed that funds distributed tosuch “qualified organizations” will be used for housingassistance, the bank-settlement agreements do not enforce how thefunds are spent.
“Itstands to reason that some of the settlement funds have helpedbankroll the resistance” bent on stopping the Trump agenda forAmerica, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow John Berlausaid.
It’snot clear how much money, in all, has been diverted from settlementfunds to these and other left-wing organizations. Attorney GeneralJeff Sessions has ordered a full audit of the funds whilediscontinuing the practice of funneling Justice Departmentsettlements to third-party groups.
HowObama is scheming to sabotage Trump's presidency“Anysettlement funds should go first to the victims and then to theAmerican people [through the US Treasury] — not to bankrollthird-party special interest groups or the political friends ofwhoever is in power,” Sessions said in a recent statement.
Still,The Post has learned that the ConsumerFinancial Protection Bureau continues to force financial institutionsit prosecutes to donate to third-party community organizers. More, penalties in such cases are deposited into the Bureau’snow-$170 million-plus Civil Penalty Fund, which has, in turn,channeled almost $30 million to “consumer advocacy” groups.
CFPBdirector Richard Cordray is an Obama holdover, whose specialfive-year term doesn’t expire until 2018.
TheIndependent Community Bankers of America, a national voice for more than 5,700 large and small banks, said it opposes the governmentpractice of providing back-door funding to unrelated groups.
“ICBAbelieves the funds should go towards affected victims,” aspokeswoman for the banking trade association told The Post.
PaulSperry, formerly Investor’s Business Daily’s Washington bureauchief, is author of “The Great American Bank Robbery: TheUnauthorized Report About What Really Caused The Great Recession.”

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