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9/22/2017All of Obama’s Wiretappers | The American Spectatorhttps://spectator.org/all-of-obamas-wiretappers/1/8
BehindObama's political espionage of Trump, which benefited Hillary, lay anenormous sense of entitlement.
HillaryClinton’s campaign memoir rests on an astonishingly audacious lie: that the very FBI director who made her campaign possible byimproperlysparing her from an indictment doomed it. A normal pol who hadmishandled classified information as egregiously as Hillary wouldhave felt eternal gratitude to Comey. Only an entitled ingrate likeHillary would have the gall to cast her savior as the chief thorn inher side.
Nordoes Hillary acknowledge another in-kind contribution to her campaignfrom Comey: his willingness to serve as a cog in Obama’s campaignof political espionage against Trump. Obama’s team of Hillary partisans, which included among others John Brennan, Susan Rice, and Loretta Lynch, wanted Comey to snoop on Trumpworld and heduly did.
Itwas reported this week that the FBI had until as recently as earlier this year been intercepting the communications of Paul Manafort, one of Trump’s campaign chairmen. This means that Comey, contraryto his lawyerly denial of Trump’s wiretapping claim, had the meansto eavesdrop on any communications between Manafort and Trump.

Evenat this late date, quibbling partisans in the media say that is insufficient proof of Trump’s claim. But could anyone imagine the Maggie Habermans bothering with such pedantry if George Bush’s FBIdirector had been snooping on David Axelrod? 
Thesame generation of reporters who watched All the President’s Menbreathlessly now shill for the propriety of political espionage. Theyrush to offer what they consider high-minded reasons for wiretaps ofTrump campaign officials. But those reasons, at least as this point, amount to nothing more than the haziest gossip. One of the supposed reasons for the wiretaps, rich in irony given Hillary’s complaintthat foreigners interfered in the election, is that an ex-Britspy, probably on Comey’s payroll (the FBI still won’t addressthis matter) and certainly on the payroll of pro-Hillary partisans,told U.S. government officials that Manafort was colluding with theRussians.
HereHillary benefited from the election-tipping of a foreigner, whoseidiotic whisperings entertained by the FBI would turn up on the frontpages of the New York Times at crucial moments in the campaign. This,by the way, throws light on another outrageously dishonest Hillaryclaim: that Comey never told anyone of his investigation into theTrump campaign. 
Ofcourse, he did — through leaks. That was bad enough butComey made the leaks worse by not telling reporters that theinvestigation into the Trump campaign excluded Trump as a target.Comey let reporters think that Trump was one. Again, no gratitudefrom Hillary.
Anotherrecent revelation is that Susan Rice, one of Hillary’s most fervent supporters, spied on a post-election meeting between a prince fromthe United Arab Emirates and Trump aides. The media shrugged at the revelation, as if such snooping falls within the bounds of ablameless norm. An even slightly curious press, were it not in thetank for the Dems, would be agog at the news that one administrationwas spying on an incoming administration and demand an accounting ofsuch an abuse of power. Had the George Bush administration, out ofpost-election spite, spied on pre-inauguration meetings betweenObama’s people and officials from a Middle Eastern country, thepress would still be talking about it as a historic abuse of power.But in Rice’s case, they hastily inform their audience that “such unmaskings are perfectly legal.”
Themedia’s customary double standard for Democrats, combined with its treatment of Trump as a singularly monstrous Republican candidate(and then incoming president), served as a safety net beneath suchhigh-wire political espionage. Rice knew that even if she fell in herattempt to nail Trump the media would catch her.
Thescandal at the center of the 2016 election was not that Trump colluded with Russians to win but that the media and the Obama administration colluded with Hillary to defeat him. 
Theloudest cries of “foreign influence over the election” came fromHillary partisans who sought it, whether it was John Brennan runningoff to England and Estonia to collect dirt on Trump from their spiesor deep-state clowns at the FBI who wanted to turn Christopher Steeleinto an asset. The villain, in this sorry fable, turned out to be thevictim.---- // ----

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