[Swiftwater Gazette] What Trump is up against

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Fri Sep 22 07:17:52 EDT 2017

Apparently insiders are using U. S. Government tools to watch you:

Itlooks like Obama did spy on Trump, justas he apparently did to me BYSharyl Attkinsson
“Ihave spent more than two years litigating against the Department ofJustice for the computer intrusions. Forensics have revealed dates,times and methods of some of the illegal activities. The softwareused was proprietary to a federal intel agency. The intrudersdeployed a keystroke monitoring program, accessed the CBS Newscorporate computer system, listened in on my conversations by activating the computer’s microphone and used Skype to exfiltratefiles.
“Wesurvived the government’s latest attempt to dismiss my lawsuit.There’s another hearing Friday. To date, the Trump Department ofJustice — like the Obama Department of Justice — is fighting mein court and working to keep hidden the identities of those whoaccessed a government internet protocol address found in mycomputers.
“Evidencecontinues to build. I recently filed new information unearthed through forensic exams. 
Asone expert told the court, it was “not a mistake; it is not arandom event; and it is not technically possible for these IPaddresses to simply appear on her computer systems without activityby someone using them as part of the cyber-attack.”


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