[Swiftwater Gazette] Wire taps of Trump

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So what about the wire taps of Trump that were not made?
"Wouldyou look at how these people are having to pretzel themselves intovarious positions to still try to deny that what Trump said was right." Rush Limbaugh
“Clearly,Napolitano feels that at very least a more thorough investigation iscalled for in light of the new revelations.”
“Limbaughended the segment by summing up the sequence of events and asking:How are the DOJ and FBI going to explain how they did not know aboutthe wiretapping of Manafort?”
"Theytestified under oath, Comey did, they didn’t know," he said."Is it some renegade in a back office at a super cubicle thatnobody knew was doing the wiretaps? Some renegade rogue agent in theFBI who had it in for Trump? Is that what they’re gonna tell usdown the road somewhere? I can’t wait for this explanation."
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