[Swiftwater Gazette] Illegal alien rights

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Tue Sep 19 07:04:39 EDT 2017

Illegalaliens got right in Nancy Pelosi’s face screaming, “Yes orNo!”–Pelosi tried to make sense of what they were demanding andasked “To what??”
Theywere also demanding all 11 million (illegal aliens) get citizenship. Who really knows how many illegal aliens are in the United States.The real number could easily be upwards of 20-30 million plus. Asthey demonstrated today, DACA isn’t enough. Now it’s a free forall and it’s pizza for everyone.
TuckerCarlson pointed out how ungrateful illegal aliens are after they havebenefited from our society. They are demanding, hostile, and show ‘lack of gratitude’.
IvanCeja actually claimed that elected officials represent theirconstituents which includes illegal aliens.
TuckerCarlson shot back by saying the U.S. government exists to protect theneeds of U.S. citizens. It does not exist to protect non U.S.Citizens.
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