[Swiftwater Gazette] Russian cyberwarfare “reaching beyond the digital to influence public opinion.”

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Russiancyberwarfare “reaching beyond the digital to influence publicopinion.”  
While the following may be accurate, note that it comes from New York Times.  The NYTimes flouts the Russian conspiracy to elect Trump.
“...Nigel Farage, a committee of the British Parliament released a report warning that foreign governments may have tried to interfere with the referendum[Britex]. Russia and China, the report argued, had an“understanding of mass psychology and of how to exploitindividuals” and practiced a kind of cyberwarfare “reachingbeyond the digital to influence public opinion.” 
MarineLe Pen — a far-right politician who had backed Putin’s annexationof Crimea and met with [Putin] in the Kremlin a month before theelection — Macron complained that “Russia Today and Sputnik wereagents of influence which on several occasions spread fake news...
“RussianPresident Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election,” the authors wrote. “Russia’sgoals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process...” 
Whenasked of Peskov “what Putin meant by RT’s mission to “break the monopoly of Anglo-Saxon global information streams,” he went intosomething of a dissertation, speaking in English with obvious relishand little room for interjections. “The whole trend of global mediawas set by Anglo-Saxons,” he began. “It’s like the firstconveyor belt. It was created by Mr. Ford in the United States.”
“Oneway of looking at the activities of Russia’s information machine is as a resumption of the propaganda fight between the United States and the U.S.S.R. that began immediately following the Second World War.In the late 1940s, the Marshall Plan, the herculean developmentproject helmed by Secretary of State George Marshall, flooded postwarEurope with money and advisers to help rebuild cities, advancedemocracy and form an integrated economic zone. Joseph Stalinimmediately saw it as a threat — and saw propaganda as one of hisbest weapons to contain it.”
“In1947, Stalin formed the Communist Information Bureau (Cominform), aBelgrade-headquartered forum to coordinate messaging among European Communist parties. Cominform used Communist newspapers, pamphlets andposters to paint the Marshall Plan as an American plot to subjugate Europe.” ---- // ----
by Robert HallContrary to what education faddists would have you believe, success and competence do not come from self-esteem. True self-esteem comes from success and competence.
Liberals couldn't care less that Muslims are carrying out genocide against Christians in the Middle East, because they think that Christians have it coming.
If you killed a Jihadist getting ready to detonate an A-bomb in Madison, WI, half the city and the local press would condemn you for not trying to negotiate or reason with him first.
When Muslims sympathizers talk about the "Right of Return," they are not talking about a right for Christian and Jews to return to Muslim countries where they were once abundant, from which they have been ethnically cleansed.
Liberals piss on us and the media says it's raining.

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