[Swiftwater Gazette] Understanding Antifa's origins and objectives

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“Theanti-fascist movement draws on punk’s political awareness andnetwork for activism – and right now may be its most crucial moment. by Jamie Thomson
“NoTrump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!”
“WhenGreen Day chanted the repurposed lyrics from Texan punk trailblazersMDC’s 1981 song Born to Die during the 2016 American Music Awards,it gave the burgeoning anti-Trump, anti-fascist movement the sloganit needed – and it would soon appear on placards, T-shirts and bechanted by protesters in their thousands in months to come.
“Itwas a tiny piece of punk history writ large on American cultural life– but it only gave the merest hint of US hardcore punk’sinfluence on the current political landscape.
“Bands,record labels, zine writers and venues around the world have co-operated to create a network that exists entirely outside of the mainstream, providing an off-grid template for Antifa activists todraw from. 
“...Antifa’s direct action tactics are as legitimate a tool as Biafra’s more measured approach: “If you don’t protest the way things are, then nothing is going to change. You’re reacting to fascism andentropy. You need a variety of approaches, and in politics I wouldn’tdiscount any approach."
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