[Swiftwater Gazette] Progressive policies lead inevitably to Katyn

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Excerpts of Blog By Robert Hall Sept 2017 @ http://tartanmarine.blogspot.com/2017/09/random-thoughts-for-september.html    The Obama's nuke deal with Iran (not to mention Clinton's nuke dealwith North Korea) is like the Munich deal with Hitler. If you are stupid enough to trust dictators to keep their word, you deserve what you get.  Because a delusion is believed by millions does not make itreality.    When this country is finally ruled by the Communists or theIslamists, all monuments to our war dead will go the way of the confederatestatutes. After all they were running dog lackeys of evil capitalism. Or crusaders fighting against Allah. Pick your tyrant.    Few things guarantee disaster like putting third-rate people inkey jobs because they flatter and are devoted to you.    The great mistake that chess masters, politicians and militarycommanders too often make is assuming that your opponent will do what you wanthim to do.    Why won't people make even the most reasonable concessions tothe left or to Muslims? Because that settles nothing. They just move on to thenext demand for more concessions.      I think they'll have to revoke my "Master's Degree" because the word "master" is evocative of slavery.
Students! Want to stand out from the crowd and dress radicallydifferent? Try a coat and tie.
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