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ManafortIndictment – Hum... the following is background
Judgeconcluded there was substantial evidence attorneywas duped into relaying falsehoods to JusticeDepartment.
"Theimplications of this decision are significant. First, a judge hasdecided that the clients were committing a crime or fraud and using alawyer to do it. So that tells us something about the strength of theOSC’s evidence. The OSC had the burden of proof and it met it,"Gillers said. "Further, once you can pierce the privilege,there’s no telling what information you can go on to discover. Thisdecision will be useful in other contests to discover lawyer-clientcommunications, even communications with different law firms, ifany."---- // ----
MuellerMay Have Been Illegally Appointed to Job, Legal Expert Sayshttps://lawnewz.com/high-profile/mueller-may-have-been-illegally-appointed-to-job-legal-expert-says-2/
Lawprofessor says Trump should be focusing on the constitutionality ofthe special counsel’s appointment. 
DouglasW. Kmiec, a law professor at Pepperdine University School of Lawraised three main points to justify this:
   - Mueller has no oversight 
   -  President’s presumption of guilt 
   - There appears to be little “specific and credible” information to open an investigation in the first place

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