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Constitutionfor the New Socialist Republic

“Antifaactivists around the country are declaring something huge is going tobegin on Nov. 4. There are wild rumors of revolution and civil war.But what looks more likely is something along the lines of OccupyWall Street on a national scale.
“Themain group calling for gatherings around the country is “RefuseFascism,” which is a front group for the Revolutionary CommunistParty.
Theparty has even drafted a “Constitution for the New SocialistRepublic in North America” as a template for the post-Americanorder and is widely noted for its cult of personality around itsleader, Bob Avakian.
“Antifaalways was just a brand for already existing communist...“In its origins, antifa wasn’t even a separate concept, just afront group for already existing leftists.” 
“Thisis an advantage for antifa because it allows communists to say theyare simply opposing “racism” and “fascism””instead ofactually saying what they stand for... The “antifa” brand issimply being used to draw recruits and favorable press for thecommunists. ---- // ----

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