[Swiftwater Gazette] Comment via Youtube on religion and politics and economics

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The following is a comment via Youtube on religion and politics and economics.  Follow only if you are interested in such.

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“Thepope is by his own words a Peronist," says Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News' Senior Judicial Analyst. "He is probably also a communist and aMarxist, who does believe the government ought to control and motivate the meansof production and means of distribution.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByGOhJxn_5Q  Understandingwhat Peronism is to follow what Napolitano said.  Peronismis widely regarded as a form of corporatesocialism.  Perónism has  nationalized large corporations, blurring istinctions between corporations and government. At the same time, the laborunions became corporate, ceding the right to strike in agreements. The statewas to assume the role of negotiator between conflicting interests.    “Perón'sideology was economic and political in character and did not feature theanti-semitism of Nazism...  The Peronistmovement produced a form of fascism that was distinctively Latin American"  Peronismis said to be fascist, authoritarian and corporative based on a  perverse logic said to create a just society.   ---- // ----  

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