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TRUMP ADMIN SCRAPS EPA'SDECEITFUL 'SUE AND SETTLE' TRICKHe's 'trying to bringgovernment back in line with the Constitution'  http://www.wnd.com/2017/10/trump-admin-scraps-epas-deceitful-sue-and-settle-trick/?cat_orig=us  Read the entire article  Limited governmentadvocates and property-rights champions are cheering Environmental ProtectionAgency Administrator Scott Pruitt for publicly announcing he will scrap thetactic known as “sue and settle” for as long as he is in office.  “We will no longer gobehind closed doors and use consent decrees and settlement agreements toresolve lawsuits filed against the Agency by special interest groups wheredoing so would circumvent the regulatory process set forth by Congress,” Pruittsaid in a statement.  So what is “sue andsettle?”  “This is a way foragencies to avoid political accountability for controversial decisions,” hesaid. “Usually, we’ve seen very expensive and aggressive regulations beingpassed, particularly environmental regulations. This is a way for agencies likethe EPA, in the past, to say, ‘We had our hands tied by this lawsuit,’ eventhough this was their ultimate political goal.”  Comment about article  The way that Obama regimeused this method was as a racketeering extortion racket and did so with otheragencies as well to fund leftist DNC entities and organizations. The settlementencouraged the mark to donate to these entities that supposedly brought suitand would be given a 2 to 1 credit for these payments in a reduction in thesettlement amount.  There is also someevidence that the Obama regime solicited party's to bring suit against thegovernment making it a racketeering scheme by our own government for theexpress purpose of funding DNC tax exempt entities with government funds. Wediscuss this at our website take down the dnc and use the dot com extensionunder DNC slush fund governance.  It violates federal lawbecause all funds received in settlement must be deposited with the treasury. This methodresulted in an extortion racket since suits were never filed with the federalcourts and honest businesses and entities were scammed out of funds for fundingleftist organizations against their will, since settlements were much cheaperthan going to court...

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