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Engineersinvent breakthrough millimeter-wave circulator IC
ColumbiaEngineering researchers continue to break new ground in developingmagnet-free non-reciprocal components in modern semiconductorprocesses. 
Atthe IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February,Krishnaswamy's group unveiled a new device: the first magnet-freenon-reciprocal circulator on a silicon chip that operates atmillimeter-wave frequencies (frequencies near and above 30GHz). 
Followingup in Nature Communications, the team demonstrated the physicalprinciples behind the new device.
Thekey advance of this new approach is that it enables circulators to bebuilt in conventional semiconductor chips and operate atmillimeter-wave frequencies, enabling full-duplex or two-waywireless. 
Virtuallyall electronic devices currently operate in half-duplex mode at lowerradio-frequencies (below 6GHz), and consequently, we are rapidlyrunning out of bandwidth. Full-duplex communications, in which atransmitter and a receiver of a transceiver operate simultaneously onthe same frequency channel, enables doubling of data capacity within existing bandwidth. Going to the higher mm-wave frequencies, 30GHz and above, opens up new bandwidth that is notcurrently in use.
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