[Swiftwater Gazette] CIA Official Predicts North Korean Provocation on Columbus Day

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Thu Oct 5 07:23:02 EDT 2017

CIAOfficial Predicts North Korean Provocation on Columbus Day

Atop CIA official for the Korean Peninsula warned Wednesday that theU.S. should be ready for a new provocation by North Korea on ColumbusDay on Oct. 9, which coincides with the anniversary of the foundingof the political party that governs in Pyongyang.
Leedid not speculate what North Korea might do, though it frequentlycarries out missile launches or nuclear tests on major stateanniversaries, such as the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un or otherdates associated with the lives of his father or grandfather. Oct. 10marks the anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Party of Koreain 1945.
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