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Herecome the progressives, with tolerance in their words and hate intheir hearts. ~ Robert Hall
“CBShas parted ways with one of the company’s top lawyers after shesaid she was “not even sympathetic” to victims of the Las Vegasshooting because “country music fans often are Republican,” whendiscussing the mass shooting that unfolded in Las Vegas late Sundaynight. ”
“OKbaby, this young woman, in a very high paying job for a majornetwork, actually went ahead and exposed her deep beliefs.  Sheposted that she has no sympathy for the Las Vegas shooting victimsbecause those stupid country music fans "are often Republicans".For anyone to make so horrible a statement in the face of theslaughter of nearly 60 innocent people by a madman is way beyondshocking, it's absolutely stunning. “ 
“Evenif you were the kind of jerk who felt that way, only incredible arrogance would allow you to go ahead and publish that widely! Of course CBS management has some remote intelligence and they movedrapidly to bounce her butt out the door. She has now made a fullapology, which is what she has to do to try to ever work again in thebusiness. “
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