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UnderstandingPuerto Rico
“In2004, Tropical Storm Jeanne hit Puerto Rico and all the power wentout. Governor Sila Calderon, the Dem politico, who had also served asMayor of San Juan, was back to warning that there was no water orpower. Two years earlier, Caldreon had pressured the United States toleave Vieques. A referendum showed 70% Puerto Rican support forwithdrawal. As a result, Roosevelt Roads Naval Station was closed.”
“Calderonand the PPD claimed that the abandoned base would become an international airport. Instead it’s an eyesore. And there are nomore Navy bases in Puerto Rico. That makes it harder to shipsupplies.”
"Icannot fathom the thought that the greatest nation in the worldcannot figure out the logistics for a small island,” Mayor YulinCruz rants. But it’s Puerto Rico that hasn’t figured out its ownlogistics.
“It’sdeep in debt and yet it’s completely unprepared every time a stormarrives.
“PresidentTrump dispatched vessels to Puerto Rico before the hurricane. Theseincluded the Kearsarge; one of the Navy’s big powerhouses. The USS Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group had delivered 44,000 pounds ofsupplies and conducted 144 airlifts. It’s operating from RooseveltRoads, which would have had a stable Naval presence if it wasn’tfor the PPD and the left’s Vieques protests.
Militarypersonnel are busy clearing roads. But the question is why can’tPuerto Rico do it?
"Andwhat was President Trump supposed to do about it? Was he supposed tomagically ensure that Puerto Rico would be betterprepared when its own authorities and Obama Inc. had failed to do so?

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