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Elgin Alexander elginalexander at erols.com
Wed May 24 13:11:44 EDT 2017

>From a friend of mine in Houston.  Anyone surprised at the corruption in the
Democratic Party?   Elgin


The DNC, Clintons and M/S Media will lie, cheat and payoff anyone that will
help them or try to get in the way to power. The Democratic Party of today
is NOT the party our parents and relatives knew. Current leaders of this
radical left wing Party are nothing like FDR, Truman and Kennedy and some




This is how they operate today:


Typical Democrat stunt.


Remember this guy? Khizr Kahn and his wife - the "Gold Star" family, who
caused such a commotion denouncing Trump for his stand against Muslim
immigration at the DNC Convention? Now we learn that not only did the Dems
pay actors to fill up seats at their convention, but they paid Khan $25,000
to make that speech.  (Which was, by the way, not written by him, but two
DNC staffers).  Remember the copy of Constitution he held up? (Bought by a
staffer two hours before speech).  And that's just the tip of the


FIVE Gold Star families turned down the DNC's request to speak at the
convention.  Khan's law firm is in debt $1.7 million, and owes back taxes of
over $850,000 plus penalties.  (Which the IRS has put on hold since his
convention speech).  In addition, the DNC paid him a bonus of $175,000 for
his "media effort."  AND...CNN paid him over $100,000 for his interviews.


NOW who's dishonoring his son's memory? Talk about a soulless bastard!!

















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