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 Mar-A-LagoAssistant Manager Wondering If Anyone Coming To Collect NuclearBriefcase From Lost And Found.
PALMBEACH, FL—Noting that it had already been there for almost twoweeks, Mar-a-Lago assistant manager Chris Mahoney reportedly wonderedMonday if anyone was coming to collect the nuclear briefcase from theclub’s lost-and-found. “Someone noticed it in the dining room anddropped it off, and it’s just been sitting at the bottom of the binever since,” said Mahoney, adding that he had been asking peoplecoming to collect their lost scarves and sunglasses if they mightalso have misplaced a briefcase attached to a pair of handcuffs.“You’d think whoever it belongs to would have realized that theylost it by now. Well, I’ll give it a few more weeks—if no oneclaims it after 60 days, it’s up for grabs, and I can see if someone on my staff wants it.” At press time, a man had mistakenly claimed the briefcase as his own before getting home to discover all the unfamiliar buttons inside.

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