[Swiftwater Gazette] Russia building military in Belarus

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“Accordingto experts, such large-scale moving of military forces may indicateRussia's plans to deploy a significant part of the newly created 1st Guards Tank Army of the West Military District on the the territoryof Belarus. Further it can be used both for invasion to the north ofUkraine and used as a task force to connect with Russia's militarygroups in the Kaliningrad region with further creation of theso-called "Baltic noose." 
“Inaddition, it goes without saying that the presence of such numerousRussian military contingent in Belarus means establishment of fullpolitical and military control by Moscow over Minsk, who's governmenthas been trying to maintain a "multi-vector" policy in the conditions of Ukrainian-Russian conflict in last years.”
“DmytroTymchuk, a military expert and a coordinator of the InfoResistcounter propaganda group believes that such military steps by Russiacould mark the beginning of new Cold War as well as indicate that the Kremlin has not abandoned its plans of large-scale invasion intoUkraine.”

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