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 Putin’sChekist Cover Has Been BlownByJohn R. Schindler Kremlin’sbrazen interference in our politics has been exposed—changing thespy-game to Russia’s disadvantage
“Together,the FBI’s James Comey and NSA’s Mike Rogers made it abundantlyclear to the House Intelligence Committee that Russian spiesinterfered in last year’s presidential campaign, to the detrimentof Hillary Clinton and the benefit of Donald Trump.”
“Moreover,the new president and his team are under FBI counterintelligence investigation, and have been since last summer, in an inquiry that’sattempting to get to the bottom of this unpleasant mess—includingassessing if there was any clandestine collusion between the Kremlinand Team Trump.”
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Foran inside the beltway anti Trump article read the whole story above at Url.
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