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Extractof comments by Suntan of Knish
“Obamais very careful to launch dirty attacks without getting any on hishands. The insults are anonymously sourced. The retaliation comes outof the bowels of the bureaucracy. And he only finds out about it fromthe media. That allows him to retain what he cares about most: hispopularity.”
“Obamaand his people like to think that their dishonesty is a superpower. They pat themselves on the back for stabbing everyone else in theirs. Sometimes their smugness over how well they use the media to lie and smear gets out of control. Like the time Obama’s Goebbels, BenRhodes, boasted to the New York Times about how easy it was to fooleveryone about the deal to protect Iran’s nuclear program.” 
“AfterTrump won, it was business as usual...” 
“Obamaput on his best imitation of decency while his people went onpreparing to undermine Trump at every turn by smearing him, wiretapping him and doing everything possible, legally and illegally,to bring him down. It was the same phony actthat he had pulled for eight years, bemoaning the lack ofbipartisanship while ruling unilaterally as a dictator, destroyingthe Constitution while hectoring us about our values, denouncingracism while organizing race riots, complaining about the echochamber while constructing one and lecturing us on civility whilesmearing anyone who disagreed.”

“Trump’skiller instinct lies in understanding that hypocrisy concealsweakness.” 
“Americanshave seen the real Trump: because he is, in his own way, always real.Obama is always unreal.” 
Trumpand Obama are two very different men. Their personalities, as much astheir politics, will define this conflict. The media routinelyaccuses Trump of having totalitarian instincts. But the truetotalitarians are men like Obama those who hypocritically use themachinery of government to go after their opponents while pretendingto be virtuous. President Trump has always fought his fightsdirectly.” 
“Obamaand his dirty tricks have been dragged out from behind the curtain.”
“Thebattle for America has only begun.”
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