[Swiftwater Gazette] Is this the CIA?

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Thu Mar 16 18:07:05 EDT 2017

 Russianbank says computer inside the United States has beenused to launch cyberattacks spoofing the appearance of a backdoorcommunication channel between Moscow and America’s 45th president
ARussian bank has reported to U.S. authorities that mysterious communications resumed recently between one of its computers and anemail server tied to President Trump’s business empire, and it hasdeveloped evidence the new activity may be the work of a hacker[?] trying to create a political hoax, Circa has learned.
AlfaBank is asking the U.S. Justice Department for help solving themystery and pledged its full cooperation.
 Thebank believes "these malicious attacks are designed to create the false impression that Alfa Bank has a secretive relationship withthe Trump Organization,” the source said, speaking on condition ofanonymity. 

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