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 emailreply received about my posting about national debt:
“Regardingthis particular issue, unrestrained democracy inevitably leads tobankruptcy. It takes time to bankrupt a healthy economy andindustrious people, but that is all that stands between democracy andbankruptcy. 
Thisgame played with the debt limit is the normal Kabuki Dance played byWashington criminals. When and how this game stops is difficult topredict. Whether this so-called debt limit triggers the event (Idoubt it) or it is triggered by market forces immune to legislationis debatable. 
I believe the latter is what collapses the Ponzi Schemewe politely call "government."
MontyakaMonty Pelerin

----// ----FedsHit Debt Limit—Again; Debt Now Exceeds Limit Set in 2008 by$8,550,505,000,000
Withthe close of business today, the period in which Congress suspendedany legal limit on the federal debt expires and as of tomorrow thelimit on the federal debt will be set at whatever the level of debthappens to be.
Nov.2, 2015, the federal debt subject to the legal limit stood at$18,452,108,000,000. As of the close of business on Tuesday, thelatest day reported, it stood at $19,865,505,000,000.

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