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NorthKorea Is Practicing for Nuclear War. NorthKorea isn’t testing its missiles. It’s preparingfor a nuclear first strike.
Excerptby Bob HallAgrim choice is coming. 
Theguys in power in North Korea have descended, generation bygeneration, into horrifying, beyond brutal, madness. After longenough with enough power, you can decide your view of the world isthe only one that counts, and that whatever you want to do, you canbelieve in doing, and it'll all work out just fine. You can be thetoy poodle who think he can kick the crap out of the wolf pack andlay plans to do just that. 
Chancesseem quite real that the nutcase in Pyongyang really believes he can take over South Korea.  The writer of this article issubtly suggesting that we are a major part of the problem because werun exercises focused on taking out the North's capacity to make war. But we wouldn't be doing that if the North had not been acting superwarlike for the past 60 years! We don't run exercises on invadingChina because they haven't been threatening us and their neighbors sovehemently for so long. 
Oneof these days the choice may come to really take out all the missilelaunch and nuclear plants in North Korea, or just hunker down andwait for them to wipe out a few hundred thousand people in variousplaces and maybe launch an ICBM to the USA. 
Atthat time I hope we have the leadershipto tell Beijing that either they really rein in Pyongyang or we'lltake them out, and if China wants to go to war over North Korea,that'll be up to them. 
Idon't think they'll think it's remotely worth it. Everybodydragged their feet and stayed in denial about Hitler until it was toolate. With nukes, too late is way, way, way too late.--Del

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