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 WhiteHouse trade discussions
"CivilWar" Breaks Out At White House Over Trade... And Goldman IsWinning
byTyler DurdenMar10, 2017 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-10/civil-war-breaks-out-white-house-over-trade
“Trumpappears to be playing off one camp, the "nationalists",against its polar opposite, the "Goldman globalists".
“Facingoff the "hardline group" of Navarro, and other"nationalists" such as Steve Bannon, is a a "faction"led by former Goldman COO Gary Cohn, a career globalist, who leads MrTrump’s National Economic Council.
“Quinn'sappointment led to an outburst from Breitbart, which labelled the career official an “enemy within” the Trump administrationearlier this month.
AndrewQuinn, a former trade official who served as a senior negotiator during the Obama administration’s push for a Trans-PacificPartnership with Japan and 10 other countries.
“Cohn'ssidelining of Navarro has only picked up recently, and in an attempt to alienate him from Trump, he has become "an increasinglyisolated figure in the administration. He has been operating with avery small staff out of an office in the Old Executive OfficeBuilding adjacent to the White House while Mr Cohn, who has beenadding staff to his NEC base inside the president’s residenceitself."
MrTrump appeared to be bending to the growing influence of theadministration’s Wall Street veterans and walking away from hiscampaign promise for a fresh approach to trade.

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