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Governmenteconomic reports should be viewed in the same fashion that theRussian people view reports from Pravda. Monty Pelerin
TheCritical Issuehttp://www.economicnoise.com/2017/01/31/jeffersons-guidance-supreme-court-nominee/
“Appointmentsto the Supreme Court should not be important in a perfect world. Thatis no longer the case (if it ever was). There is no better way to putthe importanceof a Supreme Court nominee into perspective than that stated by MyronMagnet:
“What’sat stake in the confirmation of new Supreme Court justices istherefore as momentously political as the 1787 ConstitutionalConvention: are we to be a self-governing republic, or are we to beruled by arbitrary, unelected bureaucrats, who think themselves wiserthan we, the people of the United States? “
“DonaldTrump’s election, weird as it might have seemed, was perceived tobe a referendum on Mr. Magnet’s quote. He ranagainst the establishment — Democrat and Republican. He ran onreturning power to the people. In a sense he embodied this quote fromJefferson:
“Oneman with courage is a majority.”
“Thereis no better litmus test as to Trump’s sincerity of purpose thanthe quality of the nominee. Trump’s political future and thecountry’s future may well depend on this nominee.

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