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By RH 

 This is probably not spying by the USA FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.
The 'way' govt. operatives (Brennan, Comey, etc.) are answering ... leaves me to conclude that the spying on Trump and his campaign was conducted by a USA ally - probably the Brits.  If you listen or watch to any discussion or interview of the 'top officials' including the Obama WH people, and you keep in mind that the Brits did the spying .... then all the answers from Brennan, Comey, etc. won't be PERJURY.    ;-) 

    On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 7:09 PM, Uncle Sam wrote:

      Yes, I saw this, this morning. Here is the thing. We all know that obama has for his entire life been an honest and credible person and would NEVER, under any circumstance be a lying, cheating, worthless, piece of scum. Oh wait, that is what he has actually been for his entire pathetic life.      Here is the thing that I suspect may finally catch him and hopefully send him to prison, where he belongs. What is funny is that the mainsleaze media is trying to pretend that there were no wiretaps on Trump, even thought there is CONCLUSIVE evidence that there was. obubba had to think, like all of the lib scumbags on Earth that Hillary was going to win, going away, so he thought that she would cover him for whatever he did and he may very well have left some evidence for Trump to bury him with. None of us know anything for sure, but I got the impression, after Trump won, that he was not going to go after Hillary for her obvious crimes that obubba covered her on. I think that now, finding out what he has about what a back stabbing piece of trash that obubba is that he will bring the hammer down on both of them, and I hope that he will. obubba, hillary and bill are the most corrupt scumbags in the history of our country. All three need to be put in prison, along with Holder and Lynch and ...................................

 Wikileaks:CIA 'Stole' Russian Malware, Uses It to ‘Misdirect Attribution’of Cyber Attacks"Russian"hacking? It could have just as easily been the CIA
http://russia-insider.com/en/ wikileaks-cia-stole-russian- malware-uses-it-misdirect- attribution-cyber-attacks/ ri19134
Everyoneknew it. Now we have proof."Fingerprints"are meaningless.
It'snow clear that the CIA is able to "pose" as "Russianhackers" whenever it so chooses.
Justsomething to think about.
Allallegations of "digital fingerprints" left behind by Russianhackers must now be dismissed as either fakeor meaningless:



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