[Swiftwater Gazette] A Germany with a with an Islamic flavor.

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'One can say that the Germans have lost their will to fight, that it was beaten out of them in the two great wars.  Perhaps.  But can a nation of people and a culture that did almost nothing but fight for over 2,500 years, instilling fear from the Urals to the Pyrenees, from Ancient Rome to modern France, lose all of that in one generation?  Or will it be forced to find another outlet?'
'Germans are arrogant and I don’t mean that as a pure pejorative. Americans are arrogant as well; the English were over 100 years ago.  Americans, it can be said, have a right to be.  How could we not be arrogant with what we have achieved in the course of human history?  Our arrogance is usually restrained by enough touches of humility to keep us from being too dangerous.  But what of the Germans?'
'And what of Islam?  It is a martial religion, a warrior religion and faith that is all consuming.  Hitler admired Islam; he was not the only one, Napoleon did as well.  It is not a religion for the weak; it does not turn the other cheek.  It gives a purpose to a people and a nation; it is in many ways the antithesis to Christianity.  We see Islam as ISIS and Osama Bin Laden living in a cave.  But there is a grander tradition of Islam, a seductive tradition of Islam that has lured, and forced by conquest, a billion people into its fold in the past 1,500 years.' 
'Wonder if Germany thinks it can meld Islam into its culture, into its traditions and make an accommodation.  A special brand of Germanic Islam.  The Ottoman Turks embraced Islam and created a vast empire that ruled for over 500 years.'  
In embracing Islam, Germany could find its purpose, its clean break from the past, one that it feels no guilt over. After all, Islam is the epitome of a politically correct religion in these times.  
'The Germans may actually think they can bend Islam to their will.  And the truly frightening thing is, maybe they can.  A Germany with a new purpose and new faith, ruling over Europe as they do already, but all with an Islamic flavor.  Some will say it is fantasy.  I say it is time to be worried.'

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