[Swiftwater Gazette] Thoughts on Flag Day

Elgin Alexander elginalexander at erols.com
Tue Jun 27 13:30:40 EDT 2017

Something to remember next Flag Day, 14 June 2018:

My Grandfather watched as his friends died in WWI.

My Father watched as his friends died in WWII and Korea.  
I watched (1st hand) as my friends fought and died in Vietnam. 

I watched as our friends and children fought and died in Desert Storm.

I watched and waited while our friends and children fought and died in Iraq.

None of them fought for or died for the Mexican Flag or any other foreign

Everyone fought for and died for the U.S. Flag! 

In Texas, a student raised a Mexican flag on a school flag pole; another
student took it down.  Guess who was expelled. The kid who took it down.

Kids in high school in California were sent home this year on Cinco de Mayo
because they wore T-shirts with the American flag printed on them.

Enough is enough.              

Every American needs to stand up for America. 

We've bent over to appease the America-haters long enough.

Hundreds of thousands have died fighting in wars for this country - and for
the U.S. flag which represents it. 

By the way, when I say, "This is my Country," it does not mean that I'm
against immigration.

Immigrants are welcome to this country provided they: 

   1) come through legally,
   2) have a sponsor,  
   3) have a place to accommodate them,
   4) have a prospective job.
   5) pledge allegiance to the United States,

   6) respect and live by our laws,
   7) pay taxes, 
   8) learn English as did the immigrants have in the past, and
   9) don't demand that we support you through welfare programs at the cost
of our  

       Social Security Insurance Fund and other government funds. 

The time has come for the "silent majority" to speak up to prevent this
Nation from continuing on the direction it has been going for a number of
years now.



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