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Roger said, "As long as we don’t have to bail California out when they go bankrupt and they allow people to move out of the state to escape, I say let them go ahead and be a “democratic incubator” and conduct this experiment in Progressive Socialism.  There is no cure for stupidity except failure.  Personally, I think there are already sufficient data available to call the experiment a failure; but, some people are slow to learn."
I suspect that California will be first in line demanding Washington bail them out.  Remember that Nancy comes from California.
I expect that Washington will have to bail Puerto Rico out.
Just too many moderate Republicans plus Democrats in Washington to stop at this time.  
Keep in mind that Media really controls the Democrats and moderate Republicans bysetting their agenda and to do list.
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Addendum quotes by Robert Hall
byRobert HallContraryto what education faddists would have you believe, success andcompetence do not come from self-esteem. True self-esteem comes fromsuccess and competence.
Liberalscouldn't care less that Muslims are carrying out genocide againstChristians in the Middle East, because they think that Christianshave it coming.
Ifyou killed a Jihadist getting ready to detonate an A-bomb in Madison,WI, half the city and the local press would condemn you for nottrying to negotiate or reason with him first.
WhenMuslims sympathizers talk about the "Right of Return," theyare not talking about a right for Christian and Jews to return toMuslim countries where they were once abundant, from which they havebeen ethnically cleansed.
Liberalspiss on us and the media says it's raining.

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