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Unfortunateparallel between Obamacare and Marxism
Fromreferral by Robert Hall to 'Blame Obamacare and Congress for thecoming drought of doctors,' grasp the parallel and relationships ofgovernmental or centralized control of people.
Itis said that 'a major physician shortage is looming, thanks to Obamacare and Congress.' The reasons include 'many mid-career physicians leaving the practice of medicine.'
Themost common reason for leaving medicine included regulatory burdens. Many feel they have no voice in healthcare policy — even in theirown institution.
Regulatoryrequirements and non-clinical tasks continue to mount.  Physiciansare finding themselves spending the bulk of their time onnon-clinical electronic and regulatory paperwork. 
Mostof this is due to either mandatory electronic medical record coding (to help the hospital systems bill at the maximal levels) or due to government-mandated documentation. 
Thisis necessary to pay for hospital administration. The growth ofmid-level hospital administrators now accounts for a large proportionof the costs of healthcare.
Obamacareillustrates the waste of resources and the debilitating results of Marxist core belief of control by centralized authority.
Centralizedcontrol of human activity is core of Marxism and is at same time indirect conflict with human spirit. 
Thebest humans rebel against slavery. The control of humans by bureaucracy is human slavery.
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