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Reply to an Italian Jesuit periodical published twice a month andwhich enjoys a quasi-official status inasmuch as the Vatican’s Secretariat of State exercises oversight over the articles itpublishes.
Thewriter states this is a very odd article emanating from the Vatican.
Theauthors “make various assertions about specific political andreligious trends in the United States: claims which are, at best,tenuous and certainly badly informed.”
“Consider,for instance, the authors’ analogy between the theological outlook of particular strands of American Evangelicalism and ISIS. As far asI am aware, American self-described fundamentalists are notdestroying 2000 year-old architectural treasures, decapitatingMuslims, crucifying Middle Eastern Christians, promoting vileanti-Semitic literature, or slaughtering octogenarian Frenchpriests.” 
Links“are also made between climate change skepticism, the faith ofwhite southern Christians (comments which, if applied to other racialgroups, would be denounced by some as verging on bigotry), andapocalyptic thinking among some American Evangelicals.”
Afriend of the author “who happens to be a leading historian ofAmerican Evangelicalism at a prestigious secular university describedthe article’s take on this subject to me as “laughably ignorant.”
Itis “important to acknowledge that certain ideas—such asMarxism-Leninism, Islamist jihadism, or National Socialism—havedriven transnational movements and nation-states to act in ways thatare evil because the ideas themselves are evil.” 

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