[Swiftwater Gazette] Russian lawyer has a long history of working with Democrats.

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Fri Jul 14 18:48:08 EDT 2017


Greg Hunter: Trump Jr Treason – Not, Russian Lawyer Worked for Democrats


What this really is all about is a fight between good and evil.  It’s that simple.  The Deep State and the MSM are doing everything they can to destroy Trump and his team.  This is why President Trump held a prayer meeting at the White House where ministers laid hands on him in a prayer circle.

 Russian lawyer at the center of the Donald Trump Jr. Russian collusion hype has a long history of working with Democrats. Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave Natalia Veselnitskaya a “special” visa extension in 2015.  The question is why? The other question is how many traps are going to be set and debunked before the Deep State and the MSM accept that Donald Trump is the rightful elected President of the United States.

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