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UnderstandingIslam – articles July 2017
ChancellorMerkel will never personally suffer from the hatred and violence ofthose she has let flood into Germany. There is a lesson for us, evenfor sympathizers of victims of Middle East Islamists. Why shouldn't acountry carefully investigate applicants for immigration and asylum?Shouldn't those from an alien culture (I use that term advisedly) beespecially evaluated? In the very few instances of successfulPLURALISTIC societies, pluralism works when the newcomers intend toadopt the basic cultural pillars of their new society, not to imposethe mores of the places they are fleeing.) A truly logicalmulticulturalism would welcome modern Aztecs who would kidnapnon-Aztecs in order to rip their hearts out to propitiate theirgods.) Pluralism requires that newcomers accept the principles of thesociety they wish to join. I for one, am appalled at the inanelyfoolish yard signs saying "X community welcomes everyone."Shouldn't we be welcoming those who accept the supremacy of the U.S.Constitution as the basis for their legal residency? Yours truly,Larry Greenberg 
Whatthe West needs to know is that in the Muslim world, jihad isconsidered more important than women, family happiness and lifeitself. If we are told, as Linda Sarsour said, that Islam stands forpeace and justice, what we are not told is that "peace" inIslam will come only after the whole world has converted to Islam,and that "justice" means law under Sharia: whatever isinside Sharia is "justice;" whatever is not in Sharia isnot "justice."
Thereason Islamism has been perverted is because over centuries it hadto conform to Islamic law, Sharia, which regulates to afare-thee-well all behavior of women, men and children. Many Muslims,however, seem to be in denial that the main goal of Sharia isto promote life under the bondage of Sharia as good and healthy.Sharia therefore becomes a convoluted way of coercing people to adaptto tyranny.

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