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GENEALOGY:A warning to Ancestry customers who consent to use DNA services –Terre Haute Tribune Star
Ancestrywent into a partnership with a biotech company called Calico, ownedby Google. The premise of this partnership was that Ancestry wouldmake its customers DNA results available to this other company to usefor their research purposes. Its a for-profit venture on both sides.Ancestry sells its customers DNA data to Calico and Calico makesmoney off the research it does. Customerspay Ancestry to conduct the DNA test, but Ancestry and its partnersstand to make billions.
ThisMay, an attorney named Joel Winston, specialist in consumerprotection, former deputy attorney general for New Jersey, andformerly in the Department of Justice, posted a warning to Ancestrycustomers when they consent to use the DNA services. The following isa summary of his article which can be found in its entirety onhttps://thinkprogress.org/ancestry-com-takes-dna-ownership-rights-from-customers-and-their-relatives-dbafeed02b9en.
Touse the AncestryDNA service, customers must consent to the AncestryPrivacy Policy and Terms of Service. These are binding legalcontracts between the customer and Ancestry. The most egregious ofthese terms gives Ancestry a free license to exploit your DNA for therest of time…There are three significant provisions…to consideron behalf of yourself and your genetic relatives: (1) the perpetual,royalty-free, world-wide license to use your DNA; (2) the warningthat DNA information may be used against you or a genetic relative;(3) your waiver of legal rights, writes attorney Winston.
(1)Basically, Ancestrygets to use or distribute your DNA for any research or commercialpurpose it decides and doesnt have to pay you, or your heirs…Ancestry takes this royalty-free license in perpetuity (for all time)and can distribute the results of your DNA tests anywhere in theworld and with any technology that exists, or will ever be invented.With this single contractual provision, customersare granting Ancestry the broadest possible rights to own and exploittheir genetic information.Althoughthe customer can withdraw consent, full withdrawal isnt easy, may notbe possible and requires more steps than just a click of a mouse.
(2)Ancestry warns customers that it is possible that information aboutyou or a genetic relative could be revealed [and] that informationcould be used by insurers to deny you insurance coverage, by lawenforcement agencies to identify you or your relatives, and…byemployers to deny employment. (Ancestry has already turned DNA overto law enforcement in several cases).
(3)Eventhe geneticrelatives of a customer, who have never taken the Ancestry DNA testor consented to it, are in effect signing over their rights andprivacy to Ancestry when their relative takes the test:You or a genetic relative agree to hold the company harmless for anydamages that AncestryDNA may cause unintentionally or purposefully.Customers give up the right to sue or participate in a class action.

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