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Our house is on canal in part of Ocean Isle Beach that has deep water canals for the specific purpose of providing houses with access to the Intracoastal Waterway, referred to as ICW. 
Our house is a rental house, the rental season is primarily from mid May to Labor Day.  Yes we have had some rentals earlier, usually associated with Easter vacations or after Labor Day, usually associated with fishing tournaments. 
The blue line on the map of the canoe/kayak/paddle board trail is for most part the ICW.  There are off shoots that are more strictly small watercraft trails.
So, my house is about 1/4 mile from ICW by canal which is navigable by kayak, canoe, skiff, ocean going fishing boats and can you imagine Sailboats.
This house thing started when I suggested that we get a condo in the basin where I keep my boat.  After looking at some condos my wife decided that she did not want condo and wanted to look at houses in the North Myrtle Beach area.
We looked at houses from Georgetown, South Carolina to Southport, North Carolina.  What we could afford and what was available were two different things.
Because of water access there are few small houses and almost none ever on market at fair price.
The canal homes on Ocean Isle Beach were the best possibility.  Yes, there are canal homes on Sunset Beach Island, Holden Beach Island and Oak Island.  But those canals are not suitable for sailboats.
Then the Realtor showed us this house we bought.  She did not want to show because it had many known issues and had been on market for a long time. 
It was not only a fixer upper but a rental house in poor condition.
There were rental contracts on house when we bought it so for the first year, had to have it rentable.  We had to dig deeper to get it o.k. by rental contracts deadline.
Today the house is in good condition.  We keep it in rental program for tax purposes.  That is costs of fixing things is amortizeable.
So, the long and short is not only can you sail or motor to blue line from house but you can kayak, canoe or paddle board to ICW [which is blue line].
Since the house is in rental program we only block a few weeks a year.  I have a daughter who lives in Vermont and comes down with husband and son in June other wise our planned stays are off season.
Anytime we block house for our use, it is not in rental program.  As such we have invited relatives and friends to visit.  

Ocean Isle Beach is not an easy place to get to.  It is a six hour drive from our house in Greenville by driver who knows the roads, short cuts and has heavy foot.  
It is 40 miles from Myrtle Beach Airport, 45 miles from Wilmington, NC airport and about 70 miles from Fayetteville, NC.
There is no interstate coming to our door.  However, North Carolina has good roads from Wilmington which is terminus of I-40.
Roads in South Carolina are a political football more so than most states so even famous Myrtle Beach does not have direct interstate access.
One thing not mentioned in water trails part of the article is that the northern border of Brunswick county is the Waccamaw River.  Which is great canoe/kayak trail beginning at Lake Waccamaw and ending near Georgetown, SC.
I now have my old beat up aluminum canoe in the garage...However, everytime we go, I have had list of things to do.  
We are looking at going second week February so I can take sailboat to Marina for bottom job.  The Marina I plan to use is about a six hour trip up the ICW. I have to arrive at that marina at high tide.  The ICW is not known for it deep channel and even a marina on the ICW has issues of water dept.
Ed K


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 #yiv4321766901 -- P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}#yiv4321766901 Hi Ed,
Good to hear from you!  The attached MS PowerPoint file has the overall NC map of all the Greenway, Bike Paths, & Paddle Trails.  I've marked Ocean Isle Beach with a big red X.  Have I got the approximate location of your rental property about right?  From the on-line realtor photos, I see your rental property is right on some sort of canal.  Does that canal somehow connect with the East/West "Blueway" that runs near Ocean Isle Beach on the attached map?  How can I get my hands on some better charts & more detailed info on that Blueway?
What's the rental situation in the next month or so?  How much would a week cost us?
Roger PihlajaS/V Dynamic Equilibrium

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