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  Trump’sCampaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Reveals How Faith In Jesus Led To HugeSuccess  Justweeks after Donald John Trump was elected 45th president of the United Statesof America, his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway speaks out about the realreasonwhy he won.  Ina landslide election, Donald J. Trump shocked liberals and republicans alikewhen he defeated Hillary Clinton in a historic, unprecedented win. And to saythat people were astonished at Donald Trump’s victory would be theunderstatement of the century.  Butbehind Donald Trump’s victory, stood one woman. So who is this unique lady responsiblefor helping Trump secure the highest office in the land? Who is KellyanneConway?  Throughouthis campaign, liberals tried to portray Trump as a he-man-woman-hater (if youdon’t recall the term from Little Rascals, please disregard and keep reading.)But it is simply incomprehensible to think that a man “with no respect forwomen” would hire one. It’s a fact that the media has certainly overlooked andattempted to bury.  Inthe biggest and most critical “job opportunity” of his life, Donald J. Trumpentrusted his political campaign– and ultimately, his fate–  to a woman. And now that she’s been appointedcounselor to the president, Conway will be the highest-ranking woman in theWhite House.Whenasked how she felt about being the first woman to “break the glass ceiling,”Conway responded, “I want everybody to remember, that it was Donald J. Trump whoelevated a woman to the highest position in his campaign, much like he has donein the Trump Corporation for a number of decades– it is he who gave womenresponsibilities.”  Shetraveled with Trump throughout his campaign in its last months and advised him,as well as appeared frequently on TV to speak on his behalf.  Conwayconsiders herself blessed to be given the opportunity. She shared, “I’m not abig gender-identity person, and I wasn’t hired for my gender, but it’s . . . a pretty cool thing tosay to my three daughters and my son. Many women work really hard and never gettheir shot. I feel blessed to have gotten my shot.”  Imust admit that after learning a bit more about this unique woman, myadmiration for Mrs. Kellyanne Conway has only grown all the more. It’s nowonder why she’s the first female campaign manager in the history of America towin a presidential campaign.  Asa Republican campaign manager, strategist, and pollster, Conway is a the queenof wearing many hats– and she wears them quite well.  Asidefrom her influence in politics, Conway is also the president and CEO of ThePolling Company Inc./Woman Trend. Her company has consulted and conductedmarket research for some of the leading companies in America such as MajorLeague Baseball, The Federalist Society, Martha Stewart, American Express, andABC News.  Additionally,Kellyanne has been a guest and political commentator on CNN, Fox News, FoxBusiness, Real Time with Bill Maher, Meet the Press, Hannity, and more.  Today,Kellyanne Conway is quite successful. But unlike most prominent women inpolitics, she wasn’t born into a successful family, and her childhood wasalmost anything but glamourous.  KellyanneElizabeth (Fitzpatrick) Conway was born on January 20, 1967, in an impoverishedlittle neighborhood just outside of Camden, New Jersey. Conway’s parents led avery simple lifestyle; her Irish father owned a small trucking company whileher Italian mother worked at a bank.  Whenshe was only three years old, Conway’s parents divorced. And from an early age,Kellyanne witnessed first-hand what hard working women looked like. YoungConway was raised by her single mother, Diane Fitzpatrick, as well as hergrandmother and two aunts– who all worked tirelessly to help make ends meet.Conwaytraces her conservative world-view to growing up in a household, “where familyand faith and self-reliance were premier. We were not encouraged or allowed tocomplain or talk about what we didn’t have.”Itwasn’t long before Kellyanne acquired a job herself. For eight summersthroughout her schooling years, the bright-eyed and blonde young Kellyanneworked grueling hours of manual labor as a blueberry picker on a farm inHammonton, New Jersey. And to this day, she credits her fighter spirit andstrong work ethic to that farm.  Conwayshared, “The faster you went, the more money you’d make. Everything I learnedabout life and business started on that farm.”  Atage 16 Kellyanne won the New Jersey Blueberry Princess pageant. And at 20, herhard work and determination helped her win the World Champion Blueberry Packingcompetition– which is no easy feat!ButKellyanne was not only a beautiful hard-worker, she was also quite brilliant.After graduating from St. Joseph High School in 1985, Conway graduated magnacum laude from Trinity College in Washington, D.C., earning a degree inpolitical science.  Conwaywent on to study at Oxford University and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, aprestigious honors society, and later earned a law degree with honors fromGeorge Washington University Law Center. (She now describes herself as a “fullyrecovered” attorney.)  Earlyon in her career, Conwayappeared on TV frequentlythroughout the ’90s to take astand against the Clintons. Since then, the brilliant and outspoken republicanhas provided commentary on more than 1,500 TV shows.  Throughouther schooling, Kellyanne planned to establish herself as a lawyer, but God hadother plans for her life. The half-Irish, half-Italian young lawyer soon foundher professional niche in 1988, while working for Ronald Reagan’s pollster,Dick Wirthlin, in the summer before she graduated from George WashingtonUniversity Law School. Her first assignment was to demystify the gender votinggap: “How could the GOP attract more women?”  Kellyannehad discovered her purpose. Seven years after that life-changing assignment,Conway founded The Polling Company/WomanTrend, a consulting firm thatspecializes in market research. A decade later, she co-authored a book titled“What Women Really Want: How American Women Are Quietly Erasing Political,Racial, Class, and Religious Lines to Change the Way We Live.”Raisedby four women, ironically, Conway chose to work in what she calls a man’s world— especially as a Republican political pollster.  ConwaytoldCNN, “Republican politics can sometimes feel like you’re walking into, youknow, an Elks Club or bachelor party.” She recalled a potential client — a man— asking how she’d balance kids and work. “It’s like, ‘I just hope you ask allthe male consultants. Are you going to give up your weekly golf game and yourmistresses?’ Because they seem really, really busy too,'” recalled Conway.  Butin that “world full of men,” Kellyanne shines. For decades, she has provided asteadfast, fearless, and persistent conservative voice for republicans acrossour nation. Conway is a long-time pro-life activist, Second Amendmentsupporter, she stands with Israel, and she boldly defends the Biblicaldefinition of marriage every opportunity she gets.  Pro-lifeactivist Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, talked to The Streamabout Conway. “Kellyanne was already a star in her own capacity before she ledDonald Trump’s campaign victory,” Hawkins said. “Her broad knowledge of keyissues that matter to conservatives was well-established, especially in regardsto abortion, conscience rights and religious freedom. Her presence in the WhiteHouse should be not only a source of comfort to those of us who have workedwith Kellyanne for years, but also a source of pride and encouragement.Kellyanne is one of us, a respected leader in the pro-life movement who helpedguide organizations with key messaging and wisdom many times over.President-Elect Trump is wise to keep Kellyanne by his side as he takes theoath of the 45thPresident of the United States.”  Rep.Marsha Blackburn, Chair of the Select Panel on Infant Lives and member of theTrump transition team, also added, “Kellyanne has worked worked tirelesslythroughout her career as an advocate for the pro-life movement. She understandsthat a majority of Americans support common sense regulations for the abortionindustry and were deeply troubled by what a Hillary Clinton presidency mightmean for legislation, like the Hyde Amendment, a four-decades-old measure toprevent taxpayer funding for abortion-on-demand that, thanks to the 2016Democratic platform, no longer enjoys bipartisan support. Kellyanne is one ofthe most talented strategists in politics, and I am grateful for her leadershipthroughout this campaign in communicating President-elect Trump’s pro-lifemessage. I look forward to working with the new administration in our continuedefforts to protect women and the unborn.”Trumpand Conway’s paths crossed by divine intervention — and little did they knowthey would eventually work together to Make America Great Again.   Conwaymet Trump in 2006, when she was living in one of his buildings, according tothe Washington Post. She even served on the condo board of the Trump WorldTower in Manhattan. Conway recalled being surprised to find how involved Trumpwas– even showing up to meetings to hear residents’ concerns. Over thefollowing couple of years, Trump would call her to say he’d seen her on TV andask her opinion about varying issues.InMarch 2015, Trump asked Conway to help strategize for his presidential bid andeven offered her a job on the campaign, but she declined. Over a year later, onAug. 17, 2016, Conway accepted the role as his campaign manager — a decisionthat would alter the course of their lives, and history, forever.  Butthere’s much more to Kellyanne than just politics. Conway is an outspoken womanof faith, devoted wife, and proud mother of four. Kellyanne’s husband is GeorgeT. Conway III, who as a young lawyer played a historic—and largely hidden—rolein the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  Whilemany believe in luck, Kellyanne believes meeting her hubby George was by Divineappointment. According to The New Yorker, their romance began after Conway sawa picture of Kellyanne on the cover of a Washington society magazine and askeda mutual friend to set them up.  Thelovebirds met the following year, and tied the knot in 2001, when Kellyanne was37-years-old. Together, the Conways have four children — including twins–between the ages of six and eleven.  Conwayrecalled the joys of being a pregnant middle-aged woman,“I had my firstchildren [twins] at thirty-seven, then I had two daughters in my forties,forty-one and almost forty-three,” she said. “They say there are no eggs leftin your forties, but there were two rolling around in there somewhere. I wassurprised both times, like, ‘Oh! O.K. Not a stomach ache.’ ”  Anddespite her hectic career, Conway considers her family her greatest priority onthis side of eternity. And like all working mothers, time with her children isprecious.  Inthe middle of her interview with CNN, Kellyanne paused to take time to listen toher 12-year-old-daughter, Claudia, play piano, asked her twin brother, George,about the birthday party they just returned from, and took some time to helpher younger daughters, Charlotte and Vanessa, with their hair.TheConways have made their home in Alpine, New Jersey and have no desire to be inthe limelight. In fact, they’re rarely seen in public– unless there’s abaseball game nearby.  KellyanneConway’s life boasts of what God can do when one woman is willing work hard,serve her family, honor her country, and strive to make a difference.  “KellyanneConway has been a trusted advisor and strategist who played a crucial role inmy victory. She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and hasamazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message. I am pleasedthat she will be part of my senior team in the West Wing,” Trump said in astatement.Runninga successful political campaign is no easy feat. And there’s no doubt thatKellyanne Conway is the kind of woman every young girl can aspire to be. It’s apitiful shame that the media isn’t giving her the recognition that she sodeserves.  Whilelistening to Kellyanne Conway’s inspiring story, I just couldn’t help but thinkof 1 Peter 5:5-7, which reads,“Humbleyourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in duetime.”  “Iwant all the little girls out there to know that the lessons are very simple.Be kind your entire life because all the kindness I showed to other people cameback to me manifold in this campaign. And secondly and most importantly, if youwork hard and you get your shot one day, you too will shine. You have tobelieve in yourself, don’t listen to the critics, don’t listen to thenaysayers. You know who you are. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you can do it.That’s my message to all those little girls dreaming out there.” – KellyanneConwayPraiseGod for women like Kellyanne Conway, America needs more women like her! Pleasekeep Kellyanne and her family in your prayers throughout this crucial time asthey make their way to the White House.  “Ifmy people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seekmy face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and Iwill forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14  KellyanneConway’s steadfast character and undeniable love for her family sets her apart,while her faith and trust in the Lord is indeed a beautiful sight to behold.Thank you Kellyanne, for your unashamed faith and unwavering principles. MayGod Bless our new Leaders. And May God Bless America! Please share if youagree!

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