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Chinesehackers stole Google search engine secrets

BY:Bill Gertz Jan 3, 2017 Theyear is 2028. It is August and the weather is hot. People’sLiberation Army (PLA) Col. Sun Kangzhou and three highly trainedspecial operations commandos from the Chengdu military region insouthern China are sitting in two vehicles outside a Wal-MartSupercenter in rural Pennsylvania about 115 miles northeast ofPittsburgh. Dressed in jeans, t-shirts, and work boots, the menappear to be just like any construction workers. In fact, Colonel Sun and his men are members of the elite Falcon special forces team. Oneof the vehicles is a heavy-duty pickup truck with a trailer carryinga large backhoe. The other is a nondescript blue sedan. Thecommandos’ target today is not a military base but something muchmore strategic.
Ithas been two weeks since the deadly military confrontation between aChinese guided-missile destroyer and a U.S. Navy P-8 maritime patrolaircraft thousands of miles away in the South China Sea. The500-foot-long Luyang II missile warship Yinchuan made a fatal errorby firing one of its HHQ-9 long-range surface-to-air missiles at theP-8 as it flew some 77 miles away. The militarized Boeing 737 hadbeen conducting a routine electronic reconnaissance mission over thesea, something the Chinese communist government in Beijing routinely denounces as a gross violation of sovereignty. The Chinese missilewas tracked by the P-8’s sensors after a radar alarm signal wentoff, warning of the incoming attack. The advance sensor warningallowed the P-8 pilot to maneuver the jet out of range of themissile. The crew watched it fall into the sea. Fearing a second missile launch, the pilot ordered the crew to fire back. The aircraftbay doors opened and an antiship cruise missile, appropriately namedSLAM-ER, for Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response, tookoff. Minutes later, the missile struck the hip, sinking the vesseland killing most of the crew.…ColonelSun and his team are now striking back in ways the United Stateswould never suspect. The sabotage mission they have embarked on isunlike any conducted before and is one that China’s military overthe past two decades has been secretly training to carry out: aninformation warfare attack on the American electrical power grid.
Chinesemilitary intelligence hackers, after decades of covert cyberintrusions into American industrial control computer networks, haveproduced a detailed map of the United States’ most criticalinfrastructure—the electrical power grid stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north and south between Canada andMexico.
Unbeknownstto the FBI, CIA, or National Security Agency, the Chinese have discovered a strategic vulnerability in the grid near the commandos’location. …Thesubstation is one of the most modern power centers and is linked tothe national grid through “smart grid” technology designed tobetter automate and operate the U.S. electrical infrastructure. Thesmart grid technology, however, has been compromised years earlierduring a naïve
U.S.Energy Department program to cooperate with China on advancedelectrical power transmission technology. The Chinese cooperated, andthey also stole details of the new U.S. grid system and provided themto Chinese military intelligence.
Oncein control of the substation’s network, Colonel Sun sets in motiona cascading electrical power failure facilitated by cyberattacks butmost important carried out in ways that prevent even the supersecretNational Security Agency, America’s premier cyber-intelligenceagency, from identifying the Chinese cyberattackers and linking themto Beijing. 
Readthe whole excerpt from the book athttp://freebeacon.com/national-security/chinese-information-warfare-panda-eats-shoots-leaves/

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