[Swiftwater Gazette] There will be war in the streets of America

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Wed Feb 8 19:39:11 EST 2017

ArmyPreps for Urban Warfare in MegaCities:

“MassMigration, Disaster and Inner-City Turmoil”
Therewill be war in the streets of America. Things have been engineeredthat way.
Thescenarios are many, the issues are complex. The current anger fromthe left, who are violently protesting against President Trump, isjust one aspect of it.
Thepowers that be are deeply concerned about the unfolding situationswith migrants, illegal immigrants, potential terrorists, politicalfactions, violent protests, arson and riots.
Modernlife may make a connection to the city unavoidable prior to thecollapse, but being insufficiently away from major urban centers isdefinitely a liability in times of crisis. Even outlying neighborscan be subject to looting, natural disaster, grid shutdown, riots,and many other situations. Make arrangements to shelter away from thecity, and make sure you can get there safely and quickly whensomething goes down.
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