[Swiftwater Gazette] China Gains on the U.S. in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race.

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Sat Feb 4 06:05:07 EST 2017


TheUnited States no longer has a strategic monopoly on the technology, which is widely seen as the key factor.
AndrewNg, chief scientist at Baidu, said the United States may be too myopic and self-confident to understand the speed of the Chinesecompetition.
“Thereare many occasions of something being simultaneously invented inChina and elsewhere, or being invented first in China and then later making it overseas,” he said. “Butthen U.S. media reports only on the U.S. version. Thisleads to a misperception of those ideas having been first invented inthe U.S.”
TheChinese-designed multicore processor of the Sunway TaihuLight, the world’s fastest supercomputer. The new supercomputer is thought tobe part of a broader Chinese push to begin driving innovation.


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