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Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Thu Dec 28 07:27:12 EST 2017

We are  now at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, USA for a day or two.
We left Blacksburg, Virginia on Wednesday morning and stopped at Seagrove, North Carolina.
We made four stops when we got off I-73.  First, on left we stopped at information place


This was on left as we passed gas station and another information place besides/behind gas station.  
Inside was gallery and information.  Very good gallery and very knowledgeable lady for local pottery information.  She gave us directions to several galleries and local restaurant. This place is a must stop.  Check hours.

Get this major attraction with no fast food places evident.  We were directed to local restaurant that was only open until 2:00 p.m.It was very local but also quite good.  Would recommend it.

Then we went to Seagrove Art Pottery.  This is a must see stop.  The lady's husband turns or makes clay works and the she paints them.  Very good stuff.

Then we went further into country to Kovacs.  This is a lady trying to pay bills with making nicknack type clay works.  Worth seeing but not at same level as Seagrove Art Pottery.

At this point decided only to make one more stop and proceeded down U.S. 220 to Star, North Carolina.  Went to Star Glass Works.  Get this a glass art gallery in middle of nowhere.http://starworksnc.org/glass/glass.html

We spent about 3 hours here around Seagrove.  If you come plan to spend all day and see other galleries and studios.  It is worth the time. 
Nearest motels are in Ashboro, North Carolina then down I-73 to Rockingham, North Carolina, or up to Greensboro, North Carolina
Plan a stop on visit to Ocean Isle Beach...
This place is 2 1/2 hours driving time to OIB.



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