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Howdo you explain this concept so others understand
Somany think socialism is the way. Socialism has many different labelshowever it is intrinsic in its methods that a central authority, callit a committee, council, or government, is in control of you and is authoritarian and ruthless.  The main thesis is control by a few.
Communismwas just a variation of socialism or Marxism.  Today we haveprogressives or globalist trying to attain domination. 
Ifyou study history, you find that recent human progress was whereindividuals were free to pursue their goals and keep the economicbenefits of their work efforts.
Socialismparallels the old feudal system. How much was the standard of livingof the workers raised under that system. Grasp that is was not.
TheAmerican system was based on a Constitutional system and privateproperty. Simply people could keep their earnings and use as theyindividually choose. 
Andwhen it came to religion, they were free to choose.  They were notcompelled to atheism as dictated by a central government. Today,“leftists have revealed their freedom-hating fascist fanaticism andtheir desire to establish their faith as a government-mandatedreligion.” by Tom Trinko.http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/12/leftists__establishing_a_religion.html
Howdo you teach this?

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