[Swiftwater Gazette] election meddling at the FBI

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Thu Dec 14 06:28:21 EST 2017

"Moretroubling evidence of election meddling atthe bureau.

“Democratsand the media are accusing anyone whocriticizes special counsel Robert Mueller asTrumpian conspirators trying to undermine hisprobe. But who needs critics when Mr. Mueller’s teamis doing so much to undermine its own credibility?
“Troublingare texts that suggest that some FBI officialsmay have gone beyond antipathy to anti-Trumpplotting.
“JudicialWatch last week released an email in whichMr. Weissmann expressed his “awe” and praisefor Sally Yates, after the then acting AG andObama holdover refused to implement Mr.Trump’s travel ban.
“Mr.Weissmann’s support for her insubordination wasa declaration that he is part of the “resistance.” Thisshould be unacceptable in a ranking FBI official,much less someone charged with conducting afair-minded investigation.

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