[Swiftwater Gazette] Mueller not same caliber as Richard Nixon

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“Federallaw prohibits the Justice Department—which includes the special counsel’soffice—from using political or ideological affiliations to assess applicantsfor career positions in the agency. Employees are also allowed to express opinions on political subjects privately and publicly, as long as they aren’tin concert with a political party or candidate for office.”  https://www.wsj.com/articles/trumps-allies-urge-harder-line-as-mueller-probe-drags-on-1512748299  Nowyou be the jury:  “Mr.Weissmann was running the Justice Department’s fraud section, which is a senior career post within the agency.  “Ata House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, Republicans focused on Mr.Strzok and Mr. Weissmann, who sent an email to former acting Attorney GeneralSally Yates the night she was fired applauding her decision to instruct JusticeDepartment lawyers not to defend Mr. Trump’s initial travel ban.  “Iam so proud,” Mr. Weissmann wrote in the subject line of an email, which wasreleased by the conservative group Judicial Watch. Mr. Weissmann also attendedHillary Clinton’s election-night party at the Jacob K. Javits Center in NewYork, according to people familiar with his attendance.  Thisguy Weissmann is on Muellers Special Counsel Team.  Arehis actions criminal?

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