[Swiftwater Gazette] 98, 750, 067, 000, 000 Reasons to Be Worried About 2018

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98,750,067,000,000Reasons to Be Worried About 2018
"Totalvalue of companies listed on the world's stock markets as of Friday's close was $98,750,067,000,000 -- within touching distance of $100trillion for the first time."
"A(Very Big) Round Number - World equity index market capitalization is a whisker away from $100 trillion."
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visualizationbreaks down $59.7 trillion of world debt by country, as well ashighlighting each country’s debt-to-GDP ratio using colour. Thedata comes from the IMF and only covers public government debt. Itexcludes the debt of country’s citizens and businesses, as well as unfunded liabilities which are not yet technically incurred yet. Allfigures are based on USD.
Thenumbers that stand out the most, especially when comparing to theprevious world economy graphic:
TheUnited States constitutes 23.3% of the world economy but 29.1% ofworld debt. It’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 103.4% using IMF figures.Japanmakes up only 6.18% of total economic production, but has amounted19.99% of global debt.China,the world’s second largest economy (and largest by other measures), accounts for 13.9% of production. They only have 6.25% of world debt and a debt-to-GDP ratio of39.4%.
http://www.visualcapitalist.com/60-trillion-of-world-debt-in-one-visualization/7of the 15 countries with the most total debt are European. Together,  excluding Russia, the European continent holds over 26% of totalworld debt.Combiningthe debt of the United States, Japan, and Europe together accountsfor 75% of total global debt.

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